Upgrade to a Better Hearing Experience.

We hope each patient has enjoyed the benefits of better hearing after their previous hearing aid purchase, whether those hearing aids were purchased from us our not.  With cutting-edge breakthroughs in hearing aid technology, our goal is to provide you with enhanced features and the superior sound quality you'd expect from your investment.

Rocky Mountain Hearing Aid offers a trade-in program which allows you to trade your current hearing aids toward a new Audibel device.  Brand, style and age of your current instrument, as well as an updated hearing test, will determine the value of trade.  Trade-in value starts at $500 toward a new set of Audibel Hearing Aids.

 Some Benefits of New Technology Include:

  • Personalized Listening Experience - We all have a unique perspective on sound.  The ability to customize the relationship between soft sounds and loud sounds allows for a more comfortable listening experience.
  • Full, rich sound quality - Higher frequencies result in better sound quality for both speech and music.
  • Hearing phone calls - Imagine putting your phone to one ear and hearing the call in both ears. New technology improves your ability to hear, understand and connect with your world.
  • Invisible options - Discreet, yet powerful enough to handle hearing challenges.  Wireless technology is available in even the smallest sizes.
  • Enjoy conversations and music - A hearing aid that can tell the difference between music and speech, and automatically change what it's doing to let you hear and enjoy the music. 

Contact us today to make your appointment to hear and experience for yourself.